Welcome to Simple + Healthy

Growing up in Paris, I was surrounded by delicious food but, like many women, I went through bouts of emotional eating. I sought support over the years but never felt I got the exact support I needed.

After years of working in the world of fashion and travel magazines and raising 3 children, I decided to tackle this void in treating emotional eating by retraining as a nutritional therapist and health coach. Thanks to this personal journey, I bring a unique approach that combines nutritional therapy with coaching.

I specialise in weight loss and emotional eating, and work with women of all ages. They are also experiencing low energy, stress, fatigue, digestive or other health issues.

Often they don’t feel good about their bodies and want to lose weight without feeling deprived of food. If this sounds familiar, call me for a free chat, where I can offer you some tips and start a plan for better health, balance and wellbeing.

I combine the science of nutrition with personal coaching to motivate and empower you, and ensure you get to where you want to be.

Together we’ll build a personalised plan that blends all the knowledge and tools you’ll need for a healthy diet and lifestyle – the key is whole new mindset around food.

You will also receive materials and nutrition plans containing the key information you need to get going on your journey to optimum health.

I can see you privately every week or more or less frequently depending upon your personal needs to ensure you reach your goals in the best possible way.

Functional tests are available depending on your needs.

My Qualifications

I trained with the College of Naturopathic Medicine for 3 years to become a Registered Nutritional Therapist, and with zest4life to become a Health Coach.

I’m also a member of the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) and the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

I train on a regular basis to gain expertise and adapt to the changes in this constantly evolving scientific field.

I also contribute to Culture Whisper, a London online cultural website to create a series of healthy seasonal wholesome and delicious recipes.


I came to see Stephanie to help me with my long-term bad-eating habits and to calm down my addiction to sugar...

After a comprehensive consultation, Stephanie guided me through new nutrition patterns, step by step. She always tried to give advices that fit my personal tastes and lifestyle. Her approach is non-judgemental and global.

The coaching package was perfect for me with weekly assessments and adjustments on new goals. I ended up reversing my bad habits into good one, feeling lighter (in my body and my mind) and full of energy.

I appreciated Stephanie's help with my diet and lifestyle tremendously. Stephanie made me feel very comfortable when talking about my diet, body, health, and problems. She dealt with things I felt uncomfortable disclosing and always made me feel like I was in the best hands...

I've been a vegetarian for over seven years now and I used to get bad sugar cravings, nap a lot and just feel exhausted, which led me to taking naps rather frequently. Stephanie helped me balance my diet in a way that I can eat normally now, with few alterations to meals I would eat before, and feel energised all day without craving sweets.

The idea of disclosing details about my menstrual issues made me feel rather uncomfortable at first but she was very discreet, dealt with my issues without problem, and found several easy solutions for me to try out until I found something that worked for me.

Stephanie catered everything exactly to my needs. For example I told her I felt unsure about taking supplements because I find it difficult to keep taking them regularly and would prefer to try getting all my nutrients through the food I eat. She provided me with lists of foods containing different nutrients and loads of recipes for me to try out to make sure I got everything I need. Working with everything Stephanie provided for me was very easy and I enjoyed trying out new food combinations. My favourite breakfast now is avocado on whole wheat bread with tomato, sprinkled with nuts and seeds. All in all Stephanie is a lovely woman who dedicates her time and energy to help people to become healthy through way of diet."

I came to Stephanie in the hopes of finding a way to deal with my IBS symptoms and control my food cravings...

Not only did she help me do so, but she also guided me towards a more healthy and sustainable way of eating with a personalised nutritional plan.

Her help has been invaluable to me and I now feel a lot more confident in myself having gained a better understanding of how the food I eat impacts my body.

She was so friendly and easy to talk to I would definitely recommend her to friends and family in need of Nutritional Therapy.

I went to see Stephanie because I had some hyper pigmentation on face on my skin and also was suffering from diarrhoea...

I enjoyed Stephanie’s thorough assessment which helped me know myself better. Now my hyper pigmentation has gone down and I don’t have diarrhoea anymore. I also appreciated that she recommended natural supplements.