Breakfast Tartines I

I have wonderful memories of the buttered toast with “pain de campagne” my father used to prepare for me in the morning. I would dip them in the best hot chocolate. I’d like to revisit this classic with a nutritious eye. Whether you pick the best wholegrain, sourdough or rye bread with the best butter (hopefully not “healthy margarine”) you can still boost the nutrient potential of your tartines to provide many more vitamins, minerals, fibres and protein. This will result in long lasting energy, reduced sugar cravings and better skin. It will fuel your body with the best energy possible.
Preparation time: 10 MINS


Serves 3

6 slices of sourdough or rye bread (I used rye with sunflower seeds from Biona)

1. Smashed avocado, sliced avocado, mandolined pink radish, sesame seeds

2. Smashed avocado, fresh coriander leaves, slices of deseeded red chilli, pumpkin seeds, lime juice, drizzle of olive oil

3. Spinach leaves, sliced avocado, cherry tomatoes, broccoli sprouts, chia seeds, drizzle of olive oil

4. Smashed avocado, mandolined black radish, micro radishes, sunflower seeds, lime juice, drizzle of olive oil

5. Hummus, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts, basil leaves

6. Hummus, mandolined pink radish, sesame seeds, micro radishes. Enjoy!

Vegetarian, Vegan, Dairy Free, Refined Sugar Free,