Designed if you are in good health and simply want a few tools to get back into healthy habits, shift some extra weight and increase your energy.

The package includes

  • 90 min initial personal consultation with a full dietary analysis
  • In-depth health and lifestyle assessment to consider symptoms, medical history, family history, lifestyle and stress
  • Personalised nutrition guidance based on your health goals
  • 1 follow up consultation
  • 2 mini progress calls via Skype/phone
  • Food plans, menus, recipes and coaching to help make your nutritional plan work around your lifestyle.
  • Recommendations on clinical tests
  • Current medication and nutrients interaction evaluation
  • Supplement guidance if required and 10% discount on natural supplements
  • Email support

SIMPLE + HEALTHY WELLBEING starts from £425 and lasts typically 8 weeks depending on your needs and requirements. Face-to-face and Skype/phone. The cost of clinical testing and supplements is not included.